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Mayhem Adaptive
Have you ever looked the workouts Rich programs and wondered how you would adapt it for an adaptive athlete? The Mayhem Adaptive Program does just that.
The Mayhem Adaptive program follows side by side with the Mayhem Compete program that Rich creates and is adapted by Michael Mills.
 The program offers volume in all aspects of strength, conditioning and gymnastics at precisely scheduled times throughout the year.  This will give an adaptive athlete time to peak at the appropriate times during opportunities like the Open and other competitions throughout the year. The Mayhem Adaptive program will offer everything an adaptive athlete needs from enhancing quality of life to competing in CrossFit
This program will offer workouts geared toward athletes that have completed at least one CrossFit Open to the seasoned athletes that is wanting to increase their volume.

For example: The workout for the day will be noted for one session for the newer athlete and multiple sessions for the seasoned athlete.
This program will offer:
1.       Standing Upper Rx/Scaled
2.       Standing Lower Rx/Scaled
3.       Seated Rx
4.       Seated Scaled
5.       Seated Multi Level Impairments
• Advanced daily programming by Rich Froning and adapted by Michael Mills
• Wodify account for tracking and logging workout results.
• Starting at $29.95/month
• * If you already have a Wodify account at another gym, you can use the same email to sign up for this program
Limit: Unlimited
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